Cruise Packing List

Created Feb 14, 2023 by Julie Crews

CruisePicker app now includes an editable packing list plus widget to help you get ready for your cruise!

cruise packing widget ios
Packing list widgets in medium and large sizes.

We are excited to to launch a new feature - Cruise Packing List + Widget! Create your ultimage cruise packing list in the app, then keep track of the list with a widget.

The packing list feature can be accessed in the app. It's seeded with 10 essential items. You can customize the list by adding, deleting and crossing off items. Any changes made in the app are reflected on the widget. To use this new feature, download the the latest version of the Cruise Picker app.

In This Guide

Top 10 Cruise Essentials List

What are the 10 must have items to pack for a cruise? We asked the awesome Reddit/cruise community. The community, filled with experienced cruisers gave us their top must pack items. Here they are:

  • Travel documents
  • ID / Passport
  • Cash, cards
  • Hat, sunscreen
  • Devices, chargers
  • Party / Evening attire
  • Medications
  • Magnetic hooks
  • Toiletries
  • Day bag

There were a few other suggestions that only a cruise pro would think of.

Hat must have chin strap for outings in the wind.

If you don't already have them, buy some magnetic travel hooks. They come in handy for hanging swimsuits, clothes etc. in your cabin.

Packing List - How it Works

From the main search tab, tap on Packing List. You will see the default list of 10 items.

Cruise Packing List
Packing List in app

Here are the main features:

  • Add a new item - tap the plus button in the upper right
  • Delete an item - swipe left, then tap the delete button
  • Cross off an item - simply tap on the item. A checkmark will also show up
  • Share list - tap the share icon in the upper right

And the best part, any changes made to the list are automatically syned to the widget.

Three List Widget Sizes

Choose from three widget sizes - small, medium and large.

Small Widgets show the first 6 items on the list.

Medium Widgets show the first 12 items on the list. Note the widget has room for up to 12 items. You can add an unlimited amount of items in the app.

Packing Widgets
Small and Medium sized Widgets

Large Widgets include a cruise countdown in addition to the packing list. To install the large widget, follow the Cruise Countdown Guide.

Large Packing List Widget
Large sized widget

How to Install Packing List Widgets

  1. Get the Cruise Picker app
  2. Go to your homescreen (that has some empty space) and long press on empty space. Your app icons will wiggle and a "+" button will appear on the upper left. Tap the "+" button.
  3. homescreen long press
  4. Type 'cruisepicker' into search
  5. Swipe left and choose one of the packing list widgets to install
  6. choose list widget
  7. Tap the 'Add Widget' button. The default widget will be installed on your homescreen.
  8. Repeat the above steps to add as many of the list widgets as you want.

Video Guide


The packing list feature in the app comes with 10 essential items. Feel free to customize this list by adding or deleting items. Finally, keep tabs on your packing list by adding the widget on your home screen.

Enjoy the packing list app feature and widget. If you have any feedback or suggestions, don't hesitate to get in touch. Email us at