Cruise deals and alerts.

Get notified when cruise lines drop prices. Track prices for a specific cruise or for deals such as last minute cruises. Also, search all cruise lines with powerful filters.




Track a specific cruise or a category like Best Alaska Deals.

Easy search

Search across all cruise lines, destinations or departure ports.


Easily narrow down your options by price, port, cruise line or ship.


Countdown the days to your cruise on your iphone.

Cruise Guide

cruise countdown widget
Cruise Countdown

Have a cruise booked? Get excited for sailaway by adding a countdown widget to your homescreen. Choose from several background images.

Updated Apr 27, 2023

ship horn widget
Cruise Ship Horn

Blast a cruise ship horn from your home screen. Three different horn sounds included.

Updated Oct 12, 2023

Countdown widgets for Birthdays
Birthday / Vacation Countdown

Countdown to your birthday, vacation or any occasion. Create your own custom countdown. Choose from two sizes.

Created Mar 24, 2023

lock screen widgets
Lock Screen Widgets

NEW: iOS 16 offers users widgets on their lock screen. Countdown the days to your cruise everytime you glance at your phone.

Updated Sep 9, 2022

packing list
Packing List + Widget

NEW: An editable packing list plus widget to help you get ready for your cruise.

Created Feb 14, 2023

Norwegian Cruise Line

Dress how you want, dine when you want and top entertainment define this cruise line. What to expect when choosing a Norwegian cruise.

Updated Oct 31, 2022